Unlocking gene delivery to the brain with Dyno bCap 1TM Technology


Delivering genes to the brain has been an elusive goal due to the blood-brain barrier


Dyno bCap 1 Technology unlocks the transformative potential of gene therapies pan-brain and throughout the CNS

With Dyno bCap 1 Technology, gene therapies can now cross the blood brain barrier after intravenous administration

  • 100x pan-brain transduction relative to natural capsid serotypes such as AAV9
  • 10x liver detargeting relative to delivery with AAV9
  • 1x production efficiency compared to AAV9

Reaching 5-20% of neurons and broader cell types across the CNS at a low dose of 1e13 vg/kg in NHPs

Delivery to the spinal cord and across the CNS

2023_05_12 Dyno Bcap 1 Launch Argon-07

Off-target transduction of Dorsal Root Ganglion similar to AAV9

2023_05_12 Dyno Bcap 1 Launch Argon-09

Expanding the promise of gene therapy with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Designed with Precision


7 Wonders: Unlocking the CNS with 7 Sequence Changes

  • The Dyno bCap 1 capsid differs from the natural AAV9 capsid in 7 locations spread across 23 positions of the sequence
  • 2.8*1025 ways to randomly make 7 sequence changes to an AAV capsid
  • Dyno’s AI led the way

Dyno bCap 1 technology: One differentiated CNS delivery solution

  • Enabling CNS gene delivery optimized across multiple properties: 100x CNS transduction, 10x liver detargeting and 1x AAV production
  • Cross-species translation: enhanced transduction crossing the blood brain barrier in both cynomolgus monkey (Macaca fascicularis) and African green monkey (Chlorocebus sabaeus)
  • Patents pending

Dyno bCap 1 technology and other Dyno proprietary CNS capsids are available to license for select payloads and indications

  • Inquire: bd@dynotx.com
  • Learn more about Dyno’s AI-powered sequence design platform
  • Keep me updated about Dyno bCap 1 technology and new announcements on Dyno eCapTM, Dyno hCapTM and Dyno mCapTM technologies for delivery of gene therapies to eye, heart and muscle
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