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Data-driven AAV engineering

Our mission is to create novel adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors that enable safe, efficient and targeted in vivo delivery for revolutionary new gene therapies. Our data-driven approach combines next-generation DNA synthesis of millions of AAV capsids with high-throughput sequencing and machine learning. We’re systematically mapping the relationship between capsid sequence and function and optimizing AAV for improved therapeutic efficacy.


We are assembling a multi-disciplinary team of experts on gene therapy, synthetic biology and machine learning, based in Cambridge, MA.

Eric Kelsic, PhD


George Church, PhD


Dyno news

17th International Parvovirus Workshop (June 2018, Miami Beach)
Eric Kelsic presented "Systematic Functional Characterization of the AAV Capsid Fitness Landscape".
ASGCT conference (May 2018, Chicago)
George Church and Eric Kelsic are presenting. George will discuss his lab’s AAV work on “Reducing the Immunogenicity of AAV through Engineering the Vector” (5/16, 9:30am), and Eric will present “Deep Search: Next-Gen Strategies for Accelerating AAV Capsid Engineering” (5/17, 4:15pm) based on his work in George’s lab at the Wyss Institute, Harvard Medical School.