Who We Are

Dyno Therapeutics is pioneering an artificial intelligence (AI) powered approach to gene therapy. Using machine learning and quantitative high-throughput in vivo experimentation, we are inventing new ways to design gene vectors with a focus on cell-targeting capsid proteins from adeno-associated virus (AAV), the most widely-used vector for gene therapies.

Our team includes world-class molecular and synthetic biologists, protein engineers and gene therapy scientists working alongside software engineers, data scientists, and AI and machine learning experts.

As we create AI-powered gene therapies that enhance the life-changing potential of gene therapies for millions of patients, we believe the future is within reach.

What We’re Building

Gene vectors are the key for enabling gene therapies to reach a wider range of diseases and patients. Success in gene therapy relies on the vector’s ability to safely and precisely deliver a gene payload to the intended target cells and tissues. The efficacy of gene therapies, however, is currently limited by the roster of naturally occurring vectors, which are not optimized for disease treatment. To solve this problem and realize the full potential of gene therapy, Dyno is building its portfolio of proprietary AAV vectors, and working with licensing partners to build targeted AAV vectors enabling treatments in a wide range of disease areas and indications.

Our Investors

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