Dyno empowers a diverse team of the best problem-solvers to drive cutting-edge science toward improving patient health. Our mission is to build the ideal capsid and solve the challenges of vivo gene delivery. We call ourselves AAViators and are engaged in Collective Innovation as we aim to maximize our impact on patients through the development of groundbreaking technologies.

AAViators assembled together in the summer of 2021

Our journey so far has been one of rigor and joy. We are so honored that the 2021 NEVY Awards Academy has nominated Dyno for the “Emerging Company of the Year” Award. Recently we’ve also been recognized with disruptive potential in the biopharma industry.

Our data driven approach is a key enabler and differentiator. With our CapsidMapTM Platform, Dyno is building the world’s most informative and diverse library of capsid measurements, and an algorithm that learns to efficiently explore sequence space in search of the best capsids for  therapeutic delivery. (Read more about how our platform is delivering the promise of gene therapy here)

Our other core differentiator is our focus on productive teamwork. Everytime a new AAViator accepts an offer to join the team we reiterate our foundation of trust, healthy conflict, commitment, accountability and attention to results. Onboarding at Dyno starts by reading Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, which enables discussions about these aspects of productive teamwork across the whole company. For example, this common language helps us explore the importance of being vulnerable and open about our weaknesses and mistakes, in order to build the trust required for teams to flourish. In recognizing the importance of trust we also realize how difficult it is to achieve.

We must therefore be open to give and receive feedback (both positive and negative) so that we improve trust at an individual, team, and organizational level. Similar best-practices apply for each concept all the way through attention to results (for more explanation, I highly recommend reading Lencioni’s book).

Scientific breakthroughs can emerge from the most uncanny places. We are structured in a way that makes it easier for anyone (regardless of hierarchy or discipline) at any level to propose a change to our platform, any of which could eventually lead to a scientific breakthrough.

Today we are over 60 full time AAViators. We continue to climb to meet the needs of every potential partner, and in the process hope to justify the accolades we have received. As we reach 150 strong we look forward to welcoming those with fresh ideas interested in catalyzing our Collective Innovation.

If you are looking for a hard working team-focused company where you can connect your creative ideas to real-world impact contact me directly or take a look at our Careers page!

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